Our Worcester Community Learning Center was launched during the summer of 2015 as a pilot program to serve the refugee community in the greater Worcester region in Massachusetts. We held ESL classes every week at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center located at 301 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA, a non-profit organization devoted to assisting low income families in the neighborhoods where many of our prospective students resided.

    Since the launch of ESL classes, student number and diversity have grown, and more volunteers have become involved, even from within the refugee communities themselves.

    In March 2017, we launched the Worcester Community-Based Learning Center, an office space to serve as a home base for our operations, located at 30 Sever St., Worcester, MA. Our new sustainable model involves regular class sessions followed by community events to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of students.

    Beyond ESL training we plan to offer after-school academic support, GED and/or college preparatory services, and job skill training.  
We would also like to partner with like-minded organizations to reduce costs by sharing facilities and volunteers and to develop opportunities for meeting more specialized needs of the immigrant and refugee communities of Worcester.